Monday, October 26, 2009

My life is bizarre.

1. I just got a phone call from some random number. When I answered, all the guy would say was, "What's up, buttface?" Then he hung up on me.

2. I got a facebook message from a 60-year-old man I don't know that said nothing but, "What a nice picture." I suppose the only appropriate response is thanks?

3. I got 3 more emails from my fake husband. You remember him, don't you? This time he let me know that our son had a basketball game, that he was taking our son to a haunted house this weekend, and then he sent me his online itinerary for his flight in two weeks. I'm starting to think the only way I can get him to stop emailing me will be to book a seat next to him on that flight and explain in detail that he's not my husband....and that he needs to learn how email addresses work.

I would say that this day couldn't get weirder, but I think that's just asking the universe to send me a singing candygram from a midget clown stripper.

1 comment:

muddypebbles said...

one time I got a call from a random number, I ask "who is this", he goes "it's hot stuff!!!" (as if i should know who hot stuff is) lol

funnier is that the same number calls me back momentarily, turns out to be one of my shy friends who i hadn't talked to in years he was embarrassed to say the least and I laughed :P

see you soon!! i'll get on sending the midget clown stripper candy-gram as a housewarming present ;)