Friday, October 23, 2009

Back from vacation...or something like that.

So maybe it's been about a month since I posted anything. I'm going to call it a blogging vacation rather than the obvious truth of me being too busy to remember to post anything. Sorry loyal reader (hi Mom!).

What's even worse? We have big things happening in our life, things that are totally blog-worthy.

We bought a house!
We decided to make the leap and invest in a house rather than keep putting money down the drain in rent. Being first-time homebuyers made the whole process even more appealing, what with that 8k incentive.

The house was built in the early 1970s and has a tiny little kitchen, but we love the rest of the house enough to love the kitchen too. For instance, the dining area has the most wonderful brick wall and large picture window. I'm not sure why I love the brick so much, but I do. The piece of furniture you see on the left is a built-in china cabinet with a wet bar. Fantastic.
The house also has brand new laminate floors throughout, which is fantastic. And the dogs will soon have a HUGE backyard in which they can wear themselves out so they don't come inside and tear around the house like coked up weirdos. Also, the backyard backs onto a public park which is fantastic. And the two large trees are pecan trees....I guess that means I could pick my own pecans. We'll see if that happens.
The living room has two fantastic large windows to the backyard and park. For some reason, the previous owner had large curtains up over them. What a crazy! I won't be obscuring my view of nature. Plus, how cute is that door?
So that's our major update. I'm still deciding on paint colors for the house (no white walls! White walls are for rentals!), but I'm thinking a nice khaki in the living/dining/entry area with perhaps a navy blue accent wall. I need ideas, people.

Oh, and we're closing Nov. 20th, so we'll need help moving/painting too.

I can tell you're all on the edge of your seats to help with that one.


Ashley said...

congrats on the house! Its cute! ..don't know how i found u.. pry thru nat. :) cute blog!

The Naked Wife said...

Thanks for visiting, and for being my first commenter in forever! New visitors are always nice :)