Friday, September 18, 2009

People suck.

One of my favorite blogs I read is Dooce. This makes me one of millions who read and love Heather Armstrong.

Apparently there are also thousands of people out there who hate her with the passion of a thousand suns. I know when you write in a public setting about your personal life that you are opening yourself up to criticism, but man, these people are harsh.
Sometimes I'm glad I never have any comments to read because at least no one is telling me that I'm ruining peoples' lives with my pig vomit. (Believe me, that's TOTALLY tame compared to some of the rest of her hate mail.)

What I love about Dooce, however, is that she got tired of keeping all the loony emails to herself and decided to hit her haters where it hurt: by monetizing the hate. It's perfect.

Click through. I promise it will make you feel good about yourself. No matter how crazy you are, you're not that damn crazy!

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cannwin said...

wow that's some harsh stuff. I've never read that girl, nor do I have any clue who she is (I don't have TV) but I was particularly offended by this commenter:

You say it’s marvelous at the end, yet everything before that sounds like a string of complaints. And then we get a whole slew of comments from moms who think anyone cares about what their kid does, probably thinking their kid is THE FUNNIEST & everyone else will too. Ladies, nobody cares. But I guess whatever gives you all a reason to shove your kids in everyone’s faces I guess. And BTW, my kid is cooler than all of yours so there

Seriously!? Who taught these people manners? If my kids EVER said something like that even as an adult I would be so all over them they'd end up crying left crying in their rooms. And I consider myself a nice mom.

If I got comments like that I would either delete my blog or not allow comments like the nienie dialogues.