Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mustaches are gross amazing.

My hubs is a huge OU football fan, which means I have to stare blankly at the screen watch the games with him every Saturday.

When Bradford got hurt a couple games ago, we both noticed the same thing when backup quarterback Landry Jones came in: his tremendous mustache.
Image by David Ubben, The Oklahoman
Taken from "Landry Jones and his mustache reach celebrity status," NewsOK.com

I mean, with a mustache like that, I'm surprised he took a break from luring kids into his panel van to play a football game. Doesn't he just look like a person who would offer your kids suckers in the park? CREEPY!

Apparently the mustache is a big enough craze that the Daily Oklahoman, our fab daily newspaper here, wrote a story about it. And in that story? A quote from the head of the American Mustache Institute.

Not only is there an advocacy group for facial hair, it's been around for nearly half a century. And you must visit the website, it's amazing. Gallery of famous mustaches? Check. Logo complete with handlebar American flag? Check, baby! A picture guide to the 13 main mustache styles? Check! (Landry Jones is sporting the Chevron, but I think he could totally pull off the Imperial or Walrus)

Even though I think it will, the world never ceases to amaze me.

P.S. Holy moly, I just discovered a link on the page to the Stache Bash, held yearly in St. Louis because it's home to the Gateway Arch, the "largest mustache in the world." Oh my God, I want to go so badly!

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