Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm taking over.

You know, until I started working at the library, I never knew just how many services it offered. Really. I mean, I knew how to check out books and laptops, about the journals and articles, etc. But one thing I definitely did NOT realize is how many people work at the library and how many different departments comprise it.

But, today I trained to work 24-hour access for finals week and learned how to work security and circulation. I'm pretty sure I can basically run the library now. Maybe I should tell the Dean that...she's probably going to be pretty pumped about it.

I'm set now for my two overnight shifts: Monday morning 2-7:30 am and Thursday 2-7:30. I'm so looking forward to them. Bonnie said you can usually catch someone having a breakdown, so I'm pretty pumped for that. Witnessing one, not the fact that it's happening, of course. Geez people, what do you think I am, a monster?

P.S. Feeling much better. I think my body might have actually been able to fight off the infection. If so, this will be a first!

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