Monday, January 26, 2009

My triumphant return

Yes, I'm calling this a triumphant return. Yes, I only posted twice before my tragic exit from blogging, but this is all about perseverance, people. (Let's note that I spelled that so badly the first time that spellcheck couldn't even figure out what I meant.)

But no one is here for correct spelling and punctuation. Again, no one is really reading here at all. So why post? It's my official delurking day! I read gobs of blogs and since I was called out, I've got to show my online presence.

Here's my overview for all you bloggers who are going to wonder why I'm blogstalking you. I am newly 25, newly married, newly employed. I'm also newly addicted to Mormon women bloggers, and no, I don't need/want help. I actually think it's a lovely addiction to have. Although it has made me want to buy everything Anthropologie makes...strange. I love my husband, my dog, Oklahoma State University, being athletic and cheese. Seriously. I have an unnatural love for cheese.

That's the important stuff. And yes, I definitely put cheese love in the important category. So to all those I've been lurking on, hi. You're great. Thanks for letting me learn so much about you!

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