Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr. Roger's Nightmare

So, the hubby and I are terrible neighbors. I'm going to shift blame and say this is a result of being college students, where naturally our neighbors were just as self-absorbed as we are. That excuse also lets me feel good about the amount of beer cans and tequila bottles that end up in our trash, so double whammy.

When we got married, we moved into an adorably tiny 2-bedroom duplex in a small row of homes on a quiet road. Maybe it was the nursing home next door, who knows, but we ended up with neighbors who aren't college students. I know this seems like no big deal, but in a college town, finding rental property that doesn't seem like the haze of alcohol fumes surrounding it will ignite at any moment is a miracle.

Our neighbors are the nicest young family ever. Seriously. The wife mows our elderly neighbors lawn, they grow their own vegetables, they dry their laundry on a '50s-style rotating clothesline. They gave me an egg the other day, "last of the season" so they said. WTF, I see no chickens. Where did you get an egg? PLEASE tell me it's not from the two giant tortoises you care for in another altruistic move...

They bake for everyone, they take family walks where they say hello to everyone and they have two incredibly well-behaved children.

The bad news? We can't remember their names for the life of we threw the egg away. Don't judge me, it's a mystery egg, and god knows those usually hatch Gremlins or dinosaurs or something. Any tips for how to casually extract these people's names?

P.S. We already thought of going through their's locked in a multi-family mail box.

P.P.S. We also thought of going through their trash, but we're not that desperate...well, plus they probably turn it into compost to grow vegetables to give away to their forgetful neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they're growing their own vegetables as a cover up for somewhere to hide the bodies. Think about it.