Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Great Ice Storm of 2009

Truth be told, this will probably be the only ice storm we have this winter, but I enjoy the added drama (what, me?).

Because it hardly ever snows and rarely ices in the great OK, the roads are still in terrible shape, even though they should be salted by now.

Also people can't handle the ice and are driving crazy, absolutely crazy, y'all. It's like you have two options: prove you're a badass by driving 90 or drive like you're losing the Retirement Home Grand Prix. Luckily I have a third option: Boston Terrier chauffeur.

OMFG, a picture! And it's a dog driving a car! I'm predicting about three million new followers today.


BonnieAnn said...

Now John wants to teach Boogie to drive. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday Girl said...

that dog wasn't even wearing a seat belt!
thanks for stopping by my blog!