Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a week!

I know it's only Wednesday, but phew! What a week this has been already, am I right?

Monday, I watched The Bachelor and had a philosophical discussion about choosing love or work with some friends. I mean, how often do you get to discuss real life issues and drama while watching the scripted cheesiness of The Bachelor unfold? For the record, I think Ali made the correct decision to choose to keep her dream job in the struggling economy rather than risk it all on a man she's known for 4 weeks. Who's with me?

Yesterday, I went to the gym to play basketball. In my first game, I made exactly ZERO of my 6 shots. My 4 teammates were looking at me like I was carrying some kind of contagious disease. In my last game, I made 5 of my 6 shots from behind the 3-point line. How's that for redemption? Well, since none of the original teammates were still there...I guess it's just for my benefit, but whatever. Take that, mean boys who didn't want to pass me the ball because I was "completely unsuccessful at scoring."

And today's excitement...I'm wearing new pants. Not just any new pants, but the new size-8 pants I bought myself as "goal pants." See a month ago, Ann Taylor was having a ginormous sale and dress pants that normally sell for $110 were on sale for ridiculous amounts like $19. So I bought 2 pair. And in an extraordinarily, uncharacteristically bold and ambitious plan, I bought them in a size-8. 8, the size I wore before gaining 20 pounds of happy married weight. I told Mitch that they were my goal pants, and I wouldn't rest until they fit! (I also told him this to distract him from the fact that I spent $60 on pants that I couldn't fit into. It definitely worked.)

And today, today I am wearing the pants. Bring it on, Wednesday, because you can't take me down today.

Quick note about the ridiculousness that is me: I can't ever remember to zip my zipper at work. Am I the only one this happens to? All my dress pants have a double clasp at the waist, and for some reason, my brain can only remember to accomplish two things. This is not a problem when I'm wearing jeans (button, zipper, check!) but with dress chance. (Inside button, Outside clasp, check!....insert 3 hours of walking around the office with my zipper down....zipper, public shame, check!)

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