Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mitch W. Griswold

When I left the gym last night, I checked my phone to see if anyone had called while I was inside. I was surprised to see 13 missed calls from Mitch.

I called him and he immediately told me, "I fell through the ceiling at the house."

Turns out Mitch was in the attic putting some boxes away when he stepped on an area that had wood laid over the beams. Only they didn't use sturdy Mitch pulled a Christmas Vacation and crashed through the drywall in our garage ceiling. He caught himself with his arms about halfway down and managed to crawl back up.

Once I established that he was okay, I couldn't help but laugh for about 20 minutes. Tonight, we're definitely going to watch Christmas Vacation. I'm sure I'll laugh especially hard at one certain part.

As for now, I just wonder if Mitch will staple himself to the house later...

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muddypebbles said...

that is awesome. hehehehe. perhaps your tree needs a Griswold ornament to commemorate the fun :P Sadly, I haven't seen a Clark one, but they do sell Eddie's RV as a hallmark ornament this year;221071;221122%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores