Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear Hallmark,
I want to buy my keepsake ornament for this year, but could you make it a little less expensive? 20 dollars for one ornament seems pretty dang expensive! Also, this one is pretty hilarious. I would probably pay the $16.50 for it!

Dear hair,
I know you're going back to your roots and growing in blonde, but couldn't you just blend in with the brown for a while? I don't really have 80 bucks to spend to make you fit in with the rest, k?

Dear cough,
You've overstayed your welcome. You're not helping anything here, just go away! As God is my witness, I'll kill you with Robitussin if you don't.

Dear weather,
8 degrees is entirely too frigid. We're not in Minnesota here, cut me some slack!

Dear Cheez-its and Coke Zero,
You were delicious. Thanks for giving your life for my snack today. I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

Your turn: What letter do you want to write today?

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BonnieAnn said...

Dear Valerie,
Thank you for sharing your neuroses with us; it makes my day. And while we’re at it, thanks for putting up with my office goofiness and still somehow managing to look me in the eye everyday and treat me like a “grown-up and for serious boss.”
Boss Lady