Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving FunFest Begins

Today is the official start of the West/Trammell Family Thanksgiving Funfest 2009 Fun Run for the Cure (10 points for those who get that reference). We've got a jam packed schedule for the next few days:
Tonight- Eating family dinner, watching the Blind Side in the theater and then watching DVDs at home.
Thursday- Thanksgiving dinner, annual family get-together with our old family friends, the Winzenreads.
Friday- Shopping for the girls, hunting for the guys. Poker that night.
Saturday- Bedlam. I'm debating whether wearing a sombrero is in order.

The only bad news is that it's back to reality on Saturday evening. We'll be finishing the move and getting the old house cleaned up. It's times like those I wish I had a fast forward button.

As for this weekend, I wish I had a pause!

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