Monday, November 16, 2009

A sad day for OSU fans

Everytime OSU plays a home football game, I'm there. I haven't missed a game all year. I sit very close to the opposite team's sideline, which is great for being really close to the on-field action. Unfortunately, it also gives fans the idea that they're close enough to heckle the players and the officials.

No one is worse about this than "Facemask Guy." This bearded wonder sits behind my family and can't seem to go ONE PLAY without yelling that the officials have missed facemask/holding/late hit/offsides/any penalty that could make up for the fact that we were not hugely successful that play. It's bad enough that he thinks we're getting screwed by the refs every single play, but this week he did something even worse: he brought a friend.

Those two worked in tandem, yelling increasingly inane and idiotic things until they hit the point when their true ignorence was revealed. After a particularly sickening and not illegal hit on our quarterback which left two players injured on the field, the man behind me yelled a racial slur at an opposing player.

I turned immediately, shocking and saddened that someone who loved the same university as I do could have that kind of hate for another person. Although I was shocked into silence, I'm so proud that I married a man who was enraged enough to turn around and tell that man how classless and ignorent he was.

As for his friend Facemask Guy, I'm leaving a highlighted copy of Football for Dummies in his seat next game. Even though there's always a few idiots in our ranks, I'm still proud to be a Cowboy fan!

P.S. Today is the start of another 30-day blog challenge, so come back daily for fresh content!

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