Monday, June 15, 2009

An open letter to M.B.

Does anyone remember this? My very own real-life reporting controversy? Well, I thought it was over, but I recently received a message from MB, asking that I remove his name from my blog post. There were a few other choice tidbits, but he asked that I not include his message on my blog. I will, however, share my response. This blog is a documentation of my life, and I will not censor my life for your comfort.

Dear MB,
I do realize the power that the internet has. But what you need to realize, and what seems to be missing from your message, is any culpability for your role in this situation. When this situation arose, I didn't get a message from you asking for the article to be removed. Rather, you provided your mother with inaccurate and incomplete information that she then used to attempt to have the article removed. This put my credibility at question, and I'm sure you can understand how I would protect my reputation and credibility vigorously.

Was I angry that you claimed to have no previous knowledge that the article would be published when our phone conversation and facebook messaging showed the opposite? Very. If you refuse to admit that you were informed of the potential for publishing during the phone interview, I can't prove otherwise. But I can, and did, prove that you were informed through facebook message two days before the article was published. If you had any objections, that would have been the time to voice them.

There are quite a few things about this incident that anger me, but the greatest is the fact that you seem incapable of accepting any culpability for the potential damage to your job prospects. I was not the one who was arrested and charged with a felony. I reported the facts that I gained through public records. I reported the fair and honest truth. You were not misquoted or misrepresented. To claim that I "want to destroy any future career hopes" you have or "seem intent on ruining your future," that is ridiculous and offensive to me. The only thing that could ruin your chances of getting a job is your own mistake.

I will replace your name on my blog post with initials, because I do ultimately want every one of my fellow OSU graduates to succeed. We are all part of the same university family. I will not remove the post, because I feel it is important to leave my defense of my reputation online.

Do not, for any reason, view this removal as justification of your actions in trying to handle this matter. Your behavior has been incredibly immature and unprofessional. Giving your mother incomplete and inaccurate information, allowing your mother to handle the situation for you, leaving me this juvenile message with accusations about my desire for you to fail in your professional life?

Grow up.

The Naked Wife

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Nancy said...

I'm so proud to be your Mom, but not in a creepy, prideful, possessive sort of way. You are amazing.