Thursday, June 18, 2009

Extra, Extra!

Time for Valerie's life update, which one could technically argue is really the only point of having a blog....hmm.

We've been through some major changes in the Naked Wifedom lately.
1. We got another dog.
Her name is Scooter, she's a very cuddly and soft black lab. That's a labrador retriever for those of you who, well....I hope no one needed to be told that. If you did, here's a picture of what black labs look like. Also, here's your sign.
Scooter looks a lot like this dog in the picture, except way more cool. This coolness is mostly due to her orange collar and OSU dog bone shaped tag with her name on it. I would have included a picture, but I somehow lost my camera battery charger in the move. Just think of this as me contributing to the development of your imagination...or something like that.

2. Speaking of animals, our neighbor finally moved in. We were a little worried it might be a couple frat guys who would be throwing up in our nearly communal backyard all the time, but really it was Kathy, the veterinarian. Kathy is 25 like me, but unlike me, she's a graduate of Texas A&M vet school, making her a doctor.

Unfortunately for us, Kathy is a large-animal vet who will be working on the "Food Animal and Fiber" rotation as an intern at OSU's vet school. If you're as confused as I was, you're really confused right now. Food and Fiber means all those animals who are raised for food (cows, sheep, pigs, cats [I kid!]) as well as llamas and alpacas (fiber animals, hey it all makes sense!). I guess vets in Texas won't touch llamas, so there's a lucrative market for a Texas vet who works with fiber animals.

Learn something new every day.

3. Ikea exploded on my bedroom. Mitch and I bought a bed and 2 nightstands from Ikea when we were in Dallas for the George Strait concert. Unfortunately, we had to grab the last headboard from the store that day, and when we arrived home 5 hours later and I was about to pee myself out of excitement, it was broken. I cried. Honestly. 4 months of anticipation down the toilet!

So the next weekend, while Mitch was at a bachelor party watching strippers fishing, Mom and I ventured down to Dallas again to return it....and buy a million other things. That store is addictive, I swear.

But, as a reward for making it a year (almost) with Mitch, Mom bought me a dresser and two lamps. And a microplane grater. And an ambiance light. Our bedroom officially looks like the bedroom of a married couple and not a skeezy college couple. It's divine. The nice result is that I make the bed every morning now because I actually care about how it looks.

Oh look! Another great opportunity to use your imagination to picture our bedroom!

Sigh, ok I'll find the battery replacement soon.

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