Friday, May 15, 2009

Open House

I'm exhausted. Mitch and I have been packing and moving for a few days now, and I'm constantly amazed by how much stuff we have. Today I found a set of Western-themed ice cream sandwich molds. I packed it right next to the molds for the ice shot glasses.

This is the house we brought home our wedding loot to. So we have a tremendous amount of stuff. We started the packing process days ago, but we've gotten to the "just throw crap in a box" stage. We got there quickly.

The good news of the move is our new duplex. Our new place has a much bigger living space, a dining area, a fireplace, a fenced back yard and closets. Oh glorious closets! (Our current place has only 2 small closets in the entire place. We have loads of storage racks. It looks like a grocery store in here, everything exposed on a shelf.)

Here's the photo tour of the new place, in all it's empty glory.

This is the view when you first walk in. Well, really you'd see a faux wall made of bannister rails. Confused? So are we. The fireplace is nice, but the angle it's set on really makes living room layout complicated. I expect to make Mitch move the couch about 6 times tomorrow. (And it's a sleeper, hehe!) Hi Einstein! That door goes into the backyard. You'll have to use your imagination there, my camera was nearly dead.
Fireplace close-up. I'm actually digging this 70s rock look. You can't see it in the picture, but the gas pipe under the rack is broken off and all jagged looking. Umm, not so safe. I don't see any smores in our near future. Well, plus it is we'll be okay for a while.

This is the brand spanking new linoleum in the entry way. It's crooked and makes me want to punch someone. I tried to add a rug, to camoflauge the crookedness but it just emphasized it. But then I was too lazy to move the rug, so looks like it's living there forever.Kitchen, or what you can see from the dining area. It's a tiny, galley-style kitchen with horribly outdated appliances, but it will do. The space between the open doorway and the door to the garage is where our fancy new washer and dryer will go. (As I write this, Mitch is reading the owner's manual IN GREAT DETAIL. We're both pretty pumped.) And you can't see this in this picture, but the cabinet handles are in the very center of each door, rather than on the bottom edge. And the handles are nearly 5 inches tall. Awesome.
Best bathroom fixture EVER. And an elaborate gold framed mirror? AMAZING.
By the way, in the 10 seconds I was in the bathroom taking the last picture, Einstein was sitting outside the closed door crying. Don't his eyes just look sad? The packing has made him really nervous so he's been pretty clingy.
The exterior. That shrubbery is trying to eat the sidewalk, but Mitch is going to trim it soon. Also note the small Boston Terrier who has a very low window that he can look out. It's like dog TV!
Stay tuned for furnished pictures.

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Leah said...

Pretty sure I bought you those cowboy sandwich maker thingys. Yeah I don't really know what they are but it was part of my themed present to you so don't hate! Don't worry, remember I got you stuff you actually asked for too!