Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We're back from our trip to Amarillo. Great friends, fun times, creepy city.

Amarillo is odd in that there isn't really a good area of town. It's just small areas of nice houses surrounded by slums...lots of slums. In one of these slums was the flea market. We thought we might find some nice deals, so we tried it out.

If I had been looking for a nice deal on bongs, pinatas or any merchandise with the Virgin Mary on it, I would have been in luck.

When we left, we passed a few local attractions, including the nightclub Club Uneek and the strip club The Crystal Pistol. Classy!

During our time driving around Amarillo, I saw some weird street signs saying things like "It's the same brick in the ice pack/it's the same trick with an ice pick." If you're saying WTF, join the club. Apparently, artist Stanley Marsh 3 (Yes, that 3 is part of his name) is behind the signs, which are all over Amarillo. Marsh is the guy who did Cadillac Ranch.

Story goes that he put up a few signs and really irritated a woman in town. So when she complained, he really showed her by paying people to put other weird signs on their property. Now there are about 200 of them around the city. Ummm, k?

Despite Amarillo's weirdness, we had a great time. Amarillo has a free zoo where you can get about 3 feet from the animals. I could nearly touch the lion! And of course we had a great time hanging out and catching up with Mitch's best friend Brody and his wife, who are about to have a baby.

But the best part? Smores. Enough said. :)

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