Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dream Come True...

I discovered lately that home decorating and furnishings are my new addiction. I just have this overwhelming desire to make our home the most attractive and best functioning it can be.

So when Mitch and I went to Sears today to look for appliances, I was in heaven. And the best part is, we found a washer that is absolutely amazing.

Yeah, I know, it's just a little sad that I'm this excited about a washing machine, but whatever...I do a lot of laundry.

The Kenmore Elite Oasis dryer...machine of my dreams. It's a top loader with no agitator, so it saves 70% on water and 65% on power. And it will wash 20 full-size bath towels. Y'all, I don't even own that many bath towels. I'm in love.

Maybe Sears will give this to me for free because of all my free publicity.

(We won't tell them I have 3 readers, k?)


ntsc said...

Two things that will increase readership.

When somebody comments go look at their website, if they have one. I think you did that with mine.

And respond to the comment on your website.

The Naked Wife said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm still working out whether I want to keep my blog a tiny, personal one or one for more people. Whichever the case, I'm sure this will help!

ntsc said...

I have no idea how I found you, but if you were private I couldn't have.

If you want private, I think there are controls that let you only allow authorized people to view it here. (I don't blog using