Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eat Dessert First

While talking to a friend today, he said that his girlfriend (my very good friend) had tried an eclair for the first time yesterday. I couldn't believe that anyone hadn't tried that delicious dessert. But then I realized, the world is full of desserts that I haven't tried. What a travesty!

So I made a resolution, an addition to my bucket list, if you will. My newest life goal is to try every dessert in the world. As a counterpoint to this goal, I also made the resolution to work out, because holy cow, desserts are fattening.

Macaroons (both the cute French ones & the ugly coconut ones), Baked Alaska and Bananas Foster all top my list. Have any suggestions or wacky desserts I should try? Pass them along! I would love to hear from you!

And as if I weren't committed enough to embracing dessert, the old adage about life being too short really hit home for me today. My good friend who had only just discovered the eclair was hit by a truck today while riding her bicycle. While she is mostly ok, with just minor injuries, it could have been much worse. So I say to you, life is too short! Eat your desserts first (and often!)

Gross coconut macaroons. They can't hold a candle to those French beauties at the top.

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