Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick Day

During my sick day, I have gotten to do many exciting things. Here's a taste of my day:
7:30am: Wake up, realize I can't breathe. Spaz out for a minute until Husband tells me to blow my nose and quit freaking out. Blow nose. Repeat about 20 times. Spaz out for a minute because I can't swallow. Eventually get some cold water swallowed. Relax slightly. Call into work before realizing that Boss Lady likely has about 75 voicemails and she won't hear it until next August. Email instead, collapse back into bed.

11am: Wake up to phone ringing. Listen to Husband's surprise that I'm still asleep. Ask him if he's mental. What did he think I was going to do? Get up for a quick half marathon? Drag myself out of bed, beginning the migration to the couch area. Eat small lunch that Husband has brought home for me, forgiving him for earlier silliness.

12pm: Start surfing the internet, looking for something interesting. Immediately begin to be irritated by the amount of coverage on Tiger Woods. Instead turn on TV and watch DVRed movie. Chose Nights of Rodanthe, thinking this would be a good one to watch without the Husband.

3pm: Get really, really pissed off because that movie sucks. Although, to be fair, that movie probably only sucks because Nicholas Sparks sucks. Yes, I said it.

3:15pm: Buy a set of Sephora makeup brushes for sister-in-law, hoping that she will realize their worth and not just toss them aside like she has with every other present I've picked for her thus far. At least this time, if she trades me like she did 2 years ago, I can use them!

3:30pm: Decide to take another nap. 12 hours of sleep is not enough when you're sick.

Pretty glad you got to see that window into my day, aren't you?

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