Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clown Car, or how I didn't see Stoney LaRue

Last Friday night, I was all set to go to College Days with my neighbor Kathy. Mitch was at a football scrimmage reffing, so I figured it could be a fun girls night. It's amazing how wrong I was about that.

Around 9:15, as Kathy and I were gathering our stuff to leave the house, I got a call from Mitch. Apparently, the man who carpooled all the referees to the football scrimmage in Cleveland (45 minutes from Stillwater) took his car key off his key ring. This makes sense because, well hey, he didn't want all those keys to weigh him down during the scrimmage.

Turns out a single key can fall out of a pocket pretty damn easy though.

SO, despite the fact that they had two football teams helping comb the field and a metal detector, the key was lost.

Enter Valerie, coming to the rescue, in her trusty blue Jetta.

I forgot how small a Jetta really is. When I finally got to the field and picked up the 5 large men, I realized that my car only seats 5. DAMN.

I sucked it up and made the only logical choice. Mitch would have to drive, and I would have to be uncomfortable. And so ends the story of how I spent Friday night sitting in the lap of a man that was not my husband.


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