Thursday, July 23, 2009

An open letter to Stillwater drivers

Dear Stillwater drivers,

Stop sucking please. Please review all traffic laws, including those that say you shouldn't weave in and out of traffic with only inches to spare. Also, please note that it is completely unnecessary to speed 30 mph above the speed limit in order to dart in front of me so you can turn when there is absolutely no traffic behind us.

And to the driver of the Explorer at Miller and Duck today, please review the section of traffic laws that says when the light turns green, the person going straight gets to go first. I know this is difficult, and a complete throwback to that one day of drivers ed you took years ago, but it would be so much easier than just flying through the intersection with me honking at you and everyone else flipping you off.

And to the man in the Honda behind me at the red light at Lakeview and Main today, please note that while it is convenient to turn right at a red light, if the person in front of you isn't turning, YOU CAN'T EITHER. Honking and flipping me off might make you feel better, but it still won't get me to run a red light so you can turn faster. Please change your behavior, because next time I'm definitely sitting at that light until it turns yellow while flipping you off, k?

The girl in the blue Jetta

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ntsc said...

Even better than the guy who wants you to run the red light so he can turn right is the one who wants you to turn right into traffic so he can turn left.

My word verification is 'idociess', which is close enough.