Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July!

I would have said Happy 4th yesterday, but I was too busy getting ready for our party. But I figure the poor 5th of July never gets any attention anyway, so it could use a shoutout.

We had a small handful of people over for a barbeque, and as usual, I went way overboard. I think we had 10 people total at our largest point, and I made something like 45 cupcakes with dyed icing. Really, Valerie? I'll be eating cupcakes until I die....probably from icing overload.

(By the way, why is it icing and not frosting? What's the difference? Is it a regional thing or are they really different?)

Mitch made hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken wings. Our neighbor Kathy made potato salad and a chocolate pie (soooo good.) and I contributed my first ever Deviled Eggs and some improvised whiskey beans. I feel like our Colonial ancestors would approve of using good ole' Jim Beam whiskey in our 4th of July celebration.

We also played croquet and Trivial Pursuit, which caps a pretty good day for me. We were correct in our guess that we would have an excellent view of the Stillwater fireworks from our back porch. The thunderstorms delayed things a bit, but we still got a great show.

Happy Belated 4th everyone. And 5th of July? We still love you!

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