Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Warning: Rant Ahead

I was clicking through the offers for freecycle in my email today when I noticed a trend that really made me angry.

People are putting their pets up for adoption and trying to give them away. Some of the reasons?
  • "Our children are all teenagers now & nobody spends time with her anymore."
  • "The only reason I need a new home for him is because he loves to run and play and I don't have a fence." Of course, the next sentence in this one was "Please contant me if intersted." Seriously?
  • "We are getting rid of her because we just don't have the time for her."
  • "My reason for trying to rehome them is that I am very pregnant and they have become a tripping hazard for me." (A golden retriever mix and a pit bull mix? You won't be pregnant in 2 months!)
  • "I have to get rid of them due to the fact that I am moving to an apartment and they don't allow dogs where I am going."
I find this ridiculous. When you get a pet, you are making a serious, 10-20 year commitment. It is unacceptable to simply find a new home for a pet because it would be easier to not have a pet. When Mitch and I moved, we simply crossed rental property off our list if it didn't allow pets. We wouldn't get rid of our dog child because we could find a cuter apartment without him. And we certainly didn't get rid of him because we couldn't find the time to be a good pet owner. We make time.

Before I get an angry email from my one reader, I will agree that some instances do necessitate finding your animal a new home. If you move abroad, your pet might be required to be quarantined for up to a year. If you live alone and are pregnant, you can't medically clean a cat's litter box. If you have children and your dog becomes aggressive, you should protect your children. And I'm sure there are a number of other, quite valid reasons.

But the willingness to give pets up when they simply become inconvenient really makes me mad. Before you get rid of a pet, try this: put up a fence, exercise your dog, carve a half hour out of your schedule to play with it, find an apartment that allows pets. Basically, take some responsibility, people!

Phew, I feel better. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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BonnieAnn said...

Agreed! On one hand I sometimes think that these animals are better off getting a second chance with someone who is responsible enough to care for them. But I just feel so bad for them. They don't know their owner is a deadbeat, they'll just feel abandoned by probably the only person they have really bonded with.