Monday, May 4, 2009

Night at the Library

Man, weird things happen at the Library overnight. I can say this with confidence now that I worked my 2-7:30 a.m. shift last night. I was so pumped to start because, like I said, I'm taking over the Library.

But when I got there, it was like I was in an alternate universe. It's the same building where I spend my days, but weird people were there and it was all dark outside...freaky deaky.

During my first hour, I walked the floors. I spotted a table that had 2 iPods, 3 cell phones, a wallet, 2 laptops and 3 backpacks full of books....completely unattended. People this stupid deserve to have their valuables stolen. I walked by 15 minutes later and it was STILL unattended. I should have taken an iPod and the wallet on principle.

I also noticed a guy around 2:15 that was playing a first-person shooter on one of the computers. I didn't think much of it at the time, but it got a little weird at 7 a.m. when I realized he'd been playing it for 5 freaking hours. It totally didn't help that he looked really creepy.

I kept walking the floors until I came to five study desks arranged in a fort. That alone was weird, but then I noticed a girl sleeping on the floor inside the fort. Umm, I would rather stay up for 36 hours than sleep on the carpet in the Library. Ewww.

Speaking of, I've been up for about 29 hours at this point, and I'm exhausted. The incredible amounts of caffeine I've ingested were definitely not good for my stomach. The good news is that we bought the washer and dryer of my dreams today. In two weeks, I'll be doing laundry the way God intended, 23 towels at a time.

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