Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Memories

Once upon a time, I was six. (Sometimes I outdo myself in my writing. I mean, that line? Pure poetry.)

And when I was six, a boy from my neighborhood liked me and wanted to give me flowers. He carefully arranged with my mother to have her let him into our house when I was distracted so he could hang a construction paper bouquet of flowers on my bedroom door knob. I imagine my mother was overcome by how precious this whole thing was. I, on the other hand, discovered the flowers and was immediately both embarrassed and curious.

Mom wouldn't tell me who gave me the flowers, so I had to become a detective. I asked lots of questions and hunted for clues before I finally figured out that it was a boy from the next street over. Case closed. I had no interest in the boy, but the detective work sure was exciting.

Nearly 20 years later on this May Day, I wish I just had some flowers. Husband, you can keep the mystery, just leave the daisies.

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ntsc said...

My first wife's birthday was Mayday, it isn't a big holiday in our house needless to say.

Flowers are given on Valentine's day.