Monday, April 20, 2009

The time we saw a basketball game...

Once upon a time, my dad got really ridiculously good seats for an OKC Thunder basketball game. Like really, really good.
Mitch was excited about the seats! Exclamation point!
We were close enough to see Kevin Durant hit about a bazillion shots in a row. He's crazy good. (That ball bouncing off the rim must be someone else's, because I really don't think he ever missed a warm-up shot.)
We were very excited...some of us more than others.
The Thunder lost, which is no big surprise, but it was one heck of a time. Thanks Mom and Dad! (look how cute my parents are....just adorable.)

30 days straight of blogging can really wear on a person, but it does give me a chance to rehash some memories, which is truly wonderful.

On the not wonderful side, however, I'm sick again. That man in the photo above gave me some lousy genes in the allergy/sinus department, and I'm definitely feeling it today. Blech.

Don't worry loyal reader(s?), I self-medicated with Chipotle. Guacamole has some medicinal benefits, right?

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