Friday, April 24, 2009

Hit the Cut-Off Man!

Our Library softball team had a doubleheader today. What an exciting adventure, right?

Wrong. It was actually an adventure in controlling my anger so that I didn't swing a bat at my teammate.

Don't get me wrong, I love most of the people on my team, no matter the skill level. Honestly. I LOVE having fun playing with these people.

Except for one. The one who continually ignores me when I'm standing there yelling for him to throw me the ball. The one who seems to think that his throw to home plate from the fence is a better decision than throwing it to me. THAT, my friends, really frustrates me.

But, I did have a lovely dinner with John and I guess we're even, Friday.

Imagine this scene, but with me as Tom Hanks...and with a LOT more profanity. It's coming, people. I swear.

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ntsc said...

Dewey Decimators?!

That is very bad.