Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good and Bad

Good: Wore new suit and orange suede peep toe pumps. Felt very professional and business-y.
Bad: Lost all feeling of professionalism when I spilled marinara sauce on my shirt and again when I used the word "business-y."

Good: Had interview with lovely people for a job at the company where my dad works which would be a tidy increase in pay.
Bad: Being introduced to people by my father during our tour of the news station made me feel like people were judging me and thinking I was only there because of my dad.

Good: Had dinner at Chipotle (seriously guys, do you see my problem) with my friend Michele, who I love so much.
Bad: I ate Chipotle again...for reals, I need help.

But perhaps the best item of the day: I met Gary England, local television meteorologist and celebrity. He was so nice and polite....just as you might expect from a local legend (He's been in Twister, people!)

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Natalie said...

i used to eat at chipotle almost every night when i lived in new york - we had one right across the street. half for lunch, half for dinner. somehow i was skinnier then... now i can eat a full one in one sitting.

lady, i don't know which onesie you should get! do they have a dog? the dog breed line is my new favorite. also lately i've been doing states of the union with stars over the hometown, it turns out rreeeallly cute. but i also really love the tulips... ???